Warhammer Online’s Cut Content Will Be Free Later

1UP is reporting that Mythic Entertainment’s Mark Jacobs has confirmed that Warhammer Online’s previously cut cities and classes will be added as a free update rather than packaged in a retail expansion pack.

“Are we going to put [the pulled content] in a paid expansion? No,” Jacobs explained. “What I’ve told the users point blank is that we want to give it to you as part of subscription content. We don’t have a schedule penciled in for when that will be coming, but we’re going to release it without any additional charge to players.”

The cuts, announced in July to help keep the game on track for a fall release as well as sharpen up the content that is in the shipping version, included four of the six planned capital cities and four classes. Jacobs told us that though four cities were pulled from the game for the time being, they took the content that had been spread out in those cities and poured it back into the remaining two capitals. “We didn’t cut one-third the content; we just cut the cities…but we tried to make up for it by what we did with Altdorf and the Inevitable City [the remaining capital cities].”

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