Warhammer Online Beta Test Announcement

The official Warhammer Online website has been updated with an announcement from General Manager Robin Dews about an upcoming beta test and exactly how it will work. Here’s the gist of it:

When will it start?

We’re currently in alpha, which means that we’ve got people running round the world on a set of internal servers. They are testing the stability and core game functions and generating lots of screenshots. We’ll need to move the game from our development servers into the first co-location centre to allow external connections, which we expect to take place in the next two to three months.

How do I get involved and what will be required?

As soon as we are ready to take registration for the beta testing, we’ll open up the beta test website and put out an online form for applications. This will ask for your personal details, any previous testing experience, knowledge of the Warhammer world, the minimum spec of your PC etc. If you are accepted into any stage of the program you will also then be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the company that forms a legal agreement between you and Warhammer Online Ltd . This means you are not permitted to disclose information about the game to anyone not involved in the beta program.

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