Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

Eurogamer looks to be the first to review Mythic’s Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in a detailed three-page article. They seem to like it but point to numerous flaws, ending with a 8/10.

It’s probably fair to say that there isn’t a single massively multiplayer game out there that’s better at throwing players together than WAR. But – and it’s a pretty big but, this – the players have to be there in the first place. When they’re not – because it’s a quiet server, because it’s an unsociable hour, because everybody’s over on the Empire versus Chaos line – Warhammer Online has the life sucked out of it.

You can play it solo, or in a small group; WOW made that a base stipulation of the modern MMO, and WAR meets it to a fault. It’s just not that much fun. It’s hard to say what, if anything, is wrong with the questing, because it’s painless and well-organised and grind-free and provides a steady stream of cash and XP and generally does what’s needed. The Tome of Knowledge in-game encyclopaedia, and excellent map system, make it a breeze to keep track of your achievements and progress, and the Tome provides the satisfaction of constant unlocks and plenty of diverting nonsense besides.

Perhaps it’s that the monster behaviours aren’t all that sophisticated, or that their placement isn’t just so, or that the humour and storytelling seem a bit forced. Perhaps it’s that those watercooler quests, despite Mythic’s evident and worthy efforts, aren’t really there. Perhaps it’s just that you know that the other things the game has to offer – Public Quests and Keep sieges and Scenarios – are that bit better. You can theoretically advance all the way through Warhammer Online without questing, and that amazing fact tends to dent your desire to quest.

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