Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

Games32 is next up for a look back at how well Warhammer Online has been doing, judging it in parts with gameplay getting 88, graphcs 87, multiplayer 87, sound 84, hardware 84.

The really groundbreaking feature in WAR is the Tome of Knowledge, basically achievements that you unlock, similar to Xbox Live games. But the Tome isn’t just that. It contains all the lore information you need about… well, pretty much anything and everything. Killed a wolf for the first time? Your kill gets counted into the database, and you find out what type of wolf it is, where you found it, how did he show up in the Warhammer universe and any other interesting facts about it.

Completing several achievements, like finding and killing rare monsters, or getting a lot of kills of a specific mob will reward you with items, custom titles and even new combat tactics.

The maximum level is 50, and while your first levels are gained really fast once you pass level 10 it will be really hard to level. And don’t get me started about after level 20, it feels like an eternity.

But probably the slowness of your evolution is for the most part due to WAR’s public quests and player versus player system, or how they call it – Realm versus Realm.

Spotted on Blue’s News.

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