Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

Ten Ton Hammer has published a post-launch interview with Warhammer Online producers Jeff Hickman and Josh Drescher.

Ten Ton Hammer: On to real questions! How are you guys handling the balance between the casters and the tanks? I know it’s been an issue in the past, but how do you think it’s going right now in this critical period with the game freshly launched?

Jeff: I think we’re doing great. I was just commenting today to the Combat and Careers Lead Adam Gershowitz that I think we have an extraordinarily well balanced game. Remember that people often assume that our game is balanced character on character and players on player. In reality, the game is balanced around realm versus realm. So any one player versus another player could get absolutely crushed, but when you start talking about six on six or twelve on twelve or hundreds on hundreds, it’s a different story.

That’s not to say that there should be overpowered characters or anything like that, there shouldn’t be, but I don’t think there are. I think everyone has tools that they can play against other characters, some better than others.

Ten Ton Hammer: What’s the timeline looking like to start putting in some of the content that was cut from the launch?

Jeff: You’re crazy!

Ten Ton Hammer: I’m crazy!

Jeff: I can’t tell you guys that. I can say that we’re thinking about it a lot and I can even say that we’re working on it. It might be sooner or it might be later.

Josh: If it’s right for the game, if it’s right for the realms, and if it’s right for the players it might go in someday. Maybe.

Jeff: Or it might not.

Josh: That’s true.

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