Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

Destructoid is offering up a few choice quotes from an interview they did with Warhammer Online senior designer Josh Drescher. The rest of the Q&A will be revealed tomorrow, apparently:

“What is it that causes the MMOs that fail to fail, largely before they even get out of development? Part of that has to do with [it being] very easy to look at the MMO genre and go: ‘This is where all the money is in PC gaming at the moment … obviously the MMO is the only way to go!’ So developers that have a pedigree in some other area — maybe they make console games or real-time-strategy games — they look at MMOs and they go: ‘Well we’ll just make one of them.’ Not realizing just how much more difficult it is to build an MMO than it is to do anything else in the industry.

These are games where you’re not working with a team for a year or eighteen months to develop ten hours of content. You are working with a team of hundreds and hundreds of people, for usually two, three, four or even five years in the case of something like WoW, to build a game that is intended to be played forever. You’re handcrafting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of content. In Warhammer there’s probably around a thousand hours of handcrafted content in the game across the six different races.”

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