Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

RPGFan is offering an interview with Mythic’s Mark Jacobs about Warhammer Online.

RPGFan: So far, who has been playing the beta? Warhammer fans? DAoC fans?

MJ: We don’t have a way of knowing for sure, but by the comments on the forums, most of them have familiarity with or are fans of Warhammer, and they’ve liked what they’ve seen.

RPGFan: WAR is focused primarily on PvP combat. If I’m a new player and I’m worried about taking on people higher level… did he just turn into a chicken?

MJ: (laughs) Yep. There are people in the game who find that, once they reach higher tiers, they can go beat up on lower-level characters. Well, if you’re too powerful and you enter an area of lower-level people, you turn into a chicken. You’ll see the Dark Elf has a nice skull head there. As a chicken you have extremely low stats and can be killed pretty easily by even the lowest level players.

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