Warframe Saint Altra Update Released

It’s that wonderful time again for Warframe players, as a new update is coming this week labelled The Saint of Altra update, which includes a new speedy Warframe, Gauss, that generates kinetic energy to move across the level dealing damage to enemies. An alternate to this Warframe is volt the already existing original speed frame with similar characteristics.

This Warframe comes with different moves — like running at incredible speed, slamming into walls to create shockwaves, shielding himself, and dealing major damage with an area of effect attack. This also includes his ultimate, Redline, where he overclocks his battery gauge to shock nearby enemies with electricity dealing higher damage.

Gauss also comes with new, signature weapons available to craft or purchase. Quite similar to volt, Gauss seems to be an interesting addition to the roster and looks quite promising.

Besides gauss, players will get access to the endless Disruption Mode on new planets. The mode was initially introduced in the previous update, The Jovian Concord. Players will be tasked with the quest to disrupt the plans of Alad V, a recurring antagonist in the game, at specific quest nodes in the system.

Fans of fashion frame will be pleased to know the addition of various new features, skins, and collectibles. There will also be the addition of Look Link and Mod Link that will enable players share their fashion builds much easier. Also noteworthy, is the increase in Riven Mods limit from 90 to 120.

The Saint of Altra update will also feature new cosmetics, including a Harrow Deluxe Collection, a Shawzin Hero emote that allows players perform their composed songs during battle, and a new set of Dojo decorations that are based around the Infected. The Saint of Altra update will arrive on pc this week with console versions releasing sometime this month.

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