Warcraft the Third Peek

Normally I don’t get very excited about games more than a year away. However, there are exceptions and Warcraft III is one of them. Delivering to us a sumptuous mouthful of the game is Gamespy in a beautiful 3 page preview complete with tantalizing pictures and mouth-watering infobits such as this:

…there will probably end up being a level cap for heroes as well. How experience will be divided among heroes in battle is up in the air. For example, if two heroes are in a battle while the third is off exploring, it hasn’t been determined if all three get the experience or just the two that participated.

Another interesting twist to the game are “non-player-units,” or NPUs, which can be friend or foe to each race. Roper said they are like wandering monsters in RPGs and also tend to provide the same fodder for heroes in gathering quick experience. In multiplayer, these NPUs can be placed so as to cut down on enemy rushes.

That level cap idea has the taste of tofu… I’m not sure whether I like it or not yet. How about you?

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