Warcraft III Night Elf Interview

Our hunger is for now, satiated. We now have a lot more information about the last race to be unveiled in the game that puts everyone on hold when they hear the name, the RPS (Role Playing Strat) Warcraft III. Gamespot conducted a long informative interview with the lead designer Rob Pardo (accompanied with, as one of my uncles likes to say, ‘peechures’) who fills us all in on the details about the mysterious Night Elves. Did you know the Assassin hero is now just a unit? Here’s a little more:

Q: So at this point, can you describe the general play style of the night elves? Orcs seem to emphasize punishing melee units, while humans are more well rounded. How do you envision the night elves playing?

A: The night elves concentrate the most on ranged attacks, and they have good speed. They’re fast units. Even their first basic attacker is an archer. That gives you an idea [of their play style].

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