Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Interview and Video Preview

Things have been fairly quiet regarding Games Farm’s mythology-based action RPG Vikings: Wolves of Midgard since it was announced this summer, but now we have two recent bits of news to bring your way. The first is an interview with studio CEO Peter Nagy on Gaming Bolt:

How will the game differ from the previous games you’ve developed?

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms was more complex RPG isometric but its potential was not yet fully utilized as we couldn’t finish the game due to problems with our previous partner. Fortunately Vikings was developed with very reliable partner – Kalypso – who supports us greatly with our creative ideas and vision. We also utilized a lot of experience we gained during development of Shadows.

So unlike Shadows,Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is more action skill based RPG developed with unique ideas. We focused a lot of attention to combat in Vikings and a lot of players who played it during tests enjoyed it greatly already so I believe that we have made some right decisions here. You can look for fast and dynamic battles, powerful foes and vast world to explore.

From a gameplay perspective, what were your biggest inspirations behind Vikings Wolves of Midgard?

We cannot deny inspiration by Diablo as the genre defining game. I remember we spent sleepless nights running through the dungeons in first Diablo with our friends so it certainly made some mark on our minds. Some inspiration is also coming from Vikings series and other Vikings oriented movies and literature.

But we don’t want to create a simple clone of any of our inspirations.We considered a lot of different features to implement and we also implemented a lot of original ideas.To say the truth some of the ideas had to be abandoned or modified during the development when the gameplay experience was not working as expected. Though I believe that Vikings managed to keep a lot of original ideas and unique touch to it. But we leave it up to players and reviewers to evaluate how much we succeeded to achieve our goal…

And the other is a nearly 30-minute video preview brought to us from the folks at Kinda Funny Games:

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