Video Games to Play Without The Internet

We all rely on the internet a great deal whether it’s for information or entertainment. Which is why it is always such a pain when we lose connection or we don’t have access. As such, most players have a back catalogue of games that they can play while they wait to regain connection. Here are a few suggestions to add to that catalogue if you haven’t already.

Jurassic World: Evolution

Before the internet, there where dinosaurs. As such, building a park for them should be entertaining enough when you can’t google what a Metriacanthosaurus is. Especially since you can sort of find out by building a park for them. Parks present a variety of options, including cage matches between grump dinos, “Innovation centres” and even arcades you can litter around the place to make your park more fun. Which somewhat rudely implies dinosaurs aren’t, but I can let it slide.

If that isn’t your thing, you can build a ranger station and become the parks local Drift King by racing around the area you where meant to have a park in. Or if it is your thing you can fly around in a helicopter and shoot dinos with a tranquilizer. Which is much harder than it looks. But just as entertaining as it was before the internet existed.


Gotta love the classics. And since you’re unable to look up a Sherlock Holmes book, you should probably play Bioshock instead. The only game to make living underwater seem like an incredibly unpleasant option while also making it look appealing at the same time. Upon crash landing, your character finds themselves in the wonderful world of Rapture. The aforementioned underwater city with a penchant for turning its residents into drug addicts.

Utilising plasmids and some fairly unique weaponry, you can explore the depths of Rapture in order to find the head honcho. Upon discovering Andrew Ryan, you will be greeted with one of video games best disguised plot twists. Truly this is a game worth playing at any time. So, since the internet is down, would you kindly give it a look?

Hollow Knight

Possibly considered one of the greatest Metroidvania’s of this generation, Hollow Knight is the perfect game to play when your internet is gone. Areas always have something interesting about them even after you’ve been through them a hundred times. Combat is incredibly well thought out and requires the player to memorise enemies and their move sets in order move through the areas unharmed. Bosses are especially noteworthy, as each has an intriguing design to them and combined with the aforementioned combat, they make for a daring challenge for any experienced player.

There is also plenty of things to discover from hidden treasures to what I think are some kind of maggot creature. Quite frankly having not played Hollow Knight while the internet is on is probably a cardinal sin. But since your internet isn’t working you should utilise the opportunity.


Lacking the internet can be very boring, requiring you to need a good distraction. And sometimes, a simple task is very distracting. Reigns provides this simple experience. Controls consist of swiping a card left or right. The challenge comes in choosing which direction to swipe. Characters on the cards will present a situation to you, their monarch and you must decide the best outcome. These outcomes will influence happiness levels, but you must be careful as too much or too little of any of the levels could have your current reign ended swiftly.

There are also a couple of challenges such as crusades and fencing which you must survive. All of which conform to the simplistic card format, forming a perfect distraction from your lack of connection.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

When you lack the internet, you want to waste as much time as you can before it is fixed. Fortuitously cleaning takes up a lot of time. And oh boy does this game have a lot of cleaning to do. As the resident janitor on the local disaster zone, it’s your job to clear up the mess left by the predator, aliens and other curiosities. Viscera is surprisingly relaxing, provided you do it right that is.

This means cleaning all the blood, body parts and crisp packets. Because it wouldn’t be a disaster zone without some basic rubbish just lying around. Some levels even include antigravity. Meaning every motion carries the chance of making more mess. Which is probably to your benefit since you don’t want to be finished any time soon.

So those are our suggestions. Want to add minesweeper to that list? Or know of some games we haven’t heard of? Comment down below to let us know your opinion.

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