Version 1.68D Stat Cap Explanation

Sanya has posted a followup to the 1.68D patch notes on the Camelot Herald, providing an explanation to the stat cap changes. Here’s a snip from her post:

As most of you know, Trials of Atlantis features many powerful items and artifacts that give very strong bonuses to different player stats and combat abilities. Since the expansion’s launch we have become aware that by mixing and matching different Trials of Atlantis items, players can make their characters far more powerful than we intended. Because of this, we are now making changes to the way that stat bonuses and some buff types from ToA items are capped.

– In researching this issue, we found that a 50th level character could receive up to 50 bonus stat points (the character’s level divided by 1) from items, buffs, etc. Our design called for the stat cap to be set at the character’s level divided by two (plus one), and we’ve even given this answer out in discussions and chats. Feedback from our users proved there was a discrepancy. We have fixed this bug, so now everyone’s stat cap bonus will be lowered to meet the new formula. Now, a level 50 character’s stat bonus cap will be 26, not the overpowered 50.

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