Version 1.66G Patch Notes

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Live Version 1.66g Release Notes

November 12, 2003



– Some abilities in the Sojourner line were incorrectly set with a power cost. These power costs have been removed.

– (TOA Only) We have addressed several issues with the client memory usage increasing over time, and we will continue to monitor this closely.

– (TOA Only) Left clicking and Shift-LeftClicking on the text of the Pet Commands (Follow, Aggressive, etc) will work properly now, in addition to being able to click on just the radio button portion of the command.

– (TOA Only) Fixed a display-only issue where you would log out a character with bounty points and switch to another character with no bounty points, and the character sheet would show you has having the bounty of points of the previous character.

– (TOA Only) We have addressed an issue with blue/white fogged screen occurring with a small number of our users in certain TOA/SI zones. This should allow you to play without using the ‘Water Compatibility Mode’ introduced last week. If after this patch you are still experiencing this specific bug, please email with your debug.log, and dxdiag.txt.

– Fixed a bug where the zone names were not displaying correctly in the LFG window if you were in an Atlantis Hibernia or Atlantis Midgard zone.

– Summoned wood will now work for upgrading keep doors.

– The quest journal will now display all of your pending quests (previously it would only display your first 10 quests).

– Fixed a bug where monsters would lose their pathing in certain situations.

– Necromancers in shade form can now use siege weapons, but only if their pet is right next to them.

– Necromancers in shade form can now repair doors, but only if their pet is right next to them.

– The total amount of haste a player can receive from items has been increased.

– Prescience Node now has the proper 5 minute recast timer.

– Sapping Strike and Power Leak will now have fixed endurance costs.

– Hunters can now summon appropriate underwater pets.


Albion Quests

– Half Ogres may now obtain and complete the Inconnu Poison quest in Shrouded Isles.


– Trial encounters that require battlegroups will be noted as such in the master level window.

Quests – General

– The Melos Alliance quest now correctly states in the journal that you need to kill a shallow water barracuda.

Oceanus Quests

– The following objects have been set to tradable; harpy feather, harpy talon, and animal bones. Players are now able to barter with other players for these items to complete the side quest that accompanies the Origins of the Harpies quest.

– The Skyros Order, The Naxos Society, The Melos Alliance (all levels) – There was a bug that allowed players to get the repeatable quests for the Skyros Order, the Naxos Society, and the Melos Alliance after their faction had become neutral. This bug has now been fixed.

– For the Love of a Nereid Quest – Players who are stuck on step 11 and need to kill Naida should speak to Sollon at the meeting place indicated in their journal. It is important that players speak to Sollon at the meeting place, not in Melos Territory.

Stygia Quests

– The Mau of Bastet and the Mau of Sekhmet – Inarus should now respond to the keywords [prove yourself].

– The Mau of Bastet – The bug preventing Oseye has been found and fixed. (We promise!) Players should now be able to find him in the Land of Atum.

Encounters – General

– Spawn times for many of the master level encounters have been drastically reduced.

– The Antron and Speos Treasure Hunters, Diplomats and Arch Mages will now spawn more often.

– Many encounter monsters will now reward players with Master Level Experience when they are killed.

Oceanus Encounters

– Hermes may now occasionally snare his targets.

Stygia Encounters

– Players who did not receive their reward from Abasi after completing the Aiding the Mau quest should return to Abasi. He has recognized his error and will be happily rewarding players for their hard work.

– Nahkt has been set to killable, but players who kill him will receive no experience. This is to discourage players from killing him so those on his quest might be able to complete it.

– Oukesson the Ghillan will now only drop treasure once his final form has been defeated.

– Masters of the Desert: This encounter has been moved slightly west from its original location. This was done to ensure the nomads in Stygia do set up camp on top of the encounter area.

Volcanus Encounters

– Taurs with healing abilities can now be interrupted.

– Lateef will now spawn much more frequently.


Temple of Twilight Dungeon

– Antioos the Deceitful: Anyone that is missing an item for the “Tasks for Antioos” quest can go back and acquire the item by killing the associated mob. Also, players should no longer get stepped ahead in the quest unless they acquire the correct item.

– Moirai the Shielded: Moirai’s Minions should no longer get stuck within her shield when they are wounded.

Sobekite Eternal

– Runihura – Runihura’s spike traps now do much less direct damage than they did before. Runihura will now emote hints as to how to approach the encounter more frequently than he did before.

– The Antron and Speos Chieftains will now spawn much more frequently.

– Rrionne will now spawn much more frequently. Rrionne will no longer respawn her Reflection under any conditions after it is destroyed.

– Runihura will now spawn much more frequently.

Item Notes

– Frozen Cold Glands will now properly stack.

– Salamander Hatchling can no longer be charmed.

– Gorgons in Temple of Twilight will now drop the Ancient Atlantean Sword at a lower rate.

– The drop rate for the Fool’s Bow and Traldor’s Oracle artifacts has been increased to enable them to drop every time from their associated encounters.

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