Version 1.66E Patch Notes (Test)

Straight from the Camelot Herald:

Dark Age of Camelot

Live Version 1.66e Release Notes

November 6, 2003



– We have added the /bu command as an alternative to /bc to chat in battlegroups. Note that /bc still works, but /bu is a keyboard friendly alternative.

– Boats have been adjusted further to better predict which boat is in front to avoid locking collision conditions.

– Monsters should follow their leaders up and down better underwater with less spinning/warping.

– Animist summon turret spells will fail if the ground target is adjusted out of animist line of sight during the cast.

– Item summoning abilities and spells will properly update player encumberance after summon.

– Item summoning abilities and spells (such as Summon Wood) no longer fail if the item summoned will over-encumber the user.

– Storm spells won’t affect a target with an engage radius if the caster is currently outside that radius.

– Summoned creatures (Such as Theurgist pets and Animist Turrets) won’t cause loss of quest kill credit when their summoner leaves the region as they continue to attack a monster.

– We have reduced the length of necro pet tether if pet has encounter-related no-purge effects.

– Fixed a bug where some Master Level Abilities could be quick-cast. All Master Level Abilities should now be properly flagged as no quick-cast.

– Fixed a bug that caused the length of time that a player was not worth realm points after death to be longer then intended. This bug was introduced in version 1.66


Item Notes

– The Vine Choker (Hibernia) can now be equipped by players who have a full suit of their respective classes’ armor from Galladoria.


Trials – General

– We have greatly increased the number of monsters that give Master Level experience in both the original and Shrouded Isles areas. Try exploring areas that you normally may not visit to find these monsters.



– Nikkas in the Haven of Stygia will now sell catalysts as part of his wares instead of having two lists of liquids and blood.

– Throwing weapon have been added to the merchants in the Havens. Here is a list of merchants that now sell throwing weapons. Remember to page through the different store lists. This list applies to both regular servers and PVP/PVE servers.

Ylwa Eddadottir – the Haven of Oceanus
Terjo – the Haven of Stygia
Ingred – the Haven of Volcanus
Ruupo – the Haven of Aerus.

Nannulf in the Ruinerar Atlantis on the regular servers and Lannulf in the Ruins of Atlantis on Gaharis/Mordred also sell throwing weapons.

Oceanus Encounters

– Fadrin will now properly reward exp and loot upon death.

Oceanus Quests

– Players stuck on the Origins of the Harpies quest will now be able to speak to one of the following NPCs to receive the items they need. These NPCs will delete any of the capitalized harpy pieces players already have in their inventories and replace them with new ones. All NPCs can be found in their respective Oceanus Haven zones. After speaking with the NPCs, players should get stepped to step 5 for the turn in.

Albion players should speak with Mercenary Deryne.

Midgard players should speak with Warrior Vanja.

Hibernia players should speak with Hero Royan.

Mordred and Gaheris players should speak with Soldier Rydderch.

Stygia Encounters

– The Sphinx Deshrentan should no longer be too far away to interact with players.

Stygia Quests

– Grouped players on the Lost in the Sands of Time quest should all be stepped when Sekhmun is summoned

– Marauding Bandits (Albion): Players stuck on Step 9 should return to Scout Relion and say the key word [safe passage] to continue their quest.

Volcanus Quests

– Players who were previously stuck on the Magical Ingredients quest and were missing either their seaweed or their Lavender Root will now be able to speak with the following NPCs and retrieve the items they need to continue on with the quest. All NPCs are located in their appropriate zones in the Volcanus Haven. After speaking with the NPCs, players should get stepped back to step 12 for the turn in.

Albion players will need to speak Mercenary Aniqa.

Midgard players will need to speak with Warrior Meino.

Hibernia players will need to speak with Frearwen.

Gaharis/Mordred players should speak with Saighdear Tiriona.

Volcanus Quests

– On the Sacrificial Rites Quest, grouped players should now be stepped at the same time when the Jagged Claw is used.

Aerus Quests

– The Ring of the Seventh Solstice has had it bonuses changed to make it more realm approriate. The Midgard version now increases mending instead of rejuvenation. This is a retroactive change and Midgard players will not need to do anything to obtain the correct ring. Druids or Bards with a mending Ring of the Seventh Solstice can turn them in to Jowan to receive the correct regrowth ring. Clerics can give their mending Ring of the Seventh Solstice to Edgan for the correct rejuvenation ring.

Aerus Quests

– On the Seven Coins quests, grouped players should all step when Xelret is summoned.

Aerus Encounters

– Karise can now be damaged outside of her encounter area again.


Sobekite Eternal

– A “sobekite observer” can now be found behind each locked door that will teleport folks one by one to a safe location in the temple if they speak to him.

Item Notes

– The Blood Splattered Keys will now open the Blood Splattered Chests found near Chimera.

– The Cobra Striking Great Hammer is now correctly set to use Hammer skill and crushing damage.

– The Albion studded versions of the Barnacle Encrusted Boots and the Sand Scorched Helm can now be dyed using enamel dyes.

– The Large Weapon skill bonus on the Albion Sand-edged Great Sword has been replaced with the Two-handed Weapon skill bonus.

– Hunter jewelry created by the unique object generator should no longer get power regeneration charges.

– Bassem should no longer drop staves set to 22.2 dps.

– The power regen proc on Borjad’s Spear (Midgard) now has a proc more suited to the hunter class.

– Golden Scarab Vest (Hibernia) Enchanters, Eldritches, Mentalists, Animists, Valewalkers, Druids, Wardens, Heroes, and Champions that turned their Golden Scarab Vest to either Miodac or Deavin and are now stuck can return to either one of these NPCs to have their locked artifact returned to them and the Scarab Wing Vest quest removed from their pending list. These classes cannot use the Golden Scarab Vest.

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