Version 1.65F Patch Notes (Test)

Straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

1.65f Version Release Notes

September 22, 2003



– Quickcast will now grey out (like other spells/abilities with recast timers).

– Ability Casters (non-cloth wearing casters) will now have their spells displayed by spec line and spell level, similar to ‘List Casters’ (cloth wearing casters).

– Added new bindable keys for Right Handed Weapon Slot, Two Handed Weapon Slot, and Ranged Weapon slot. Pressing these keys will act the same as if you had dragged the icon to the quickbar and clicked on it.

– (Pendragon Only) Your character’s /hood preference will now saving on zoning and logging.

– (Pendragon Only) We fixed a bug that was introduced in 1.65D that affected spell and archery line-of-sight checks. Trees once again should not block line-of-sight, which has been the case since the game launched.


Quests- General

– We are excited to announce a few new types of quest rewards for players that are working to increase their tradeskills. These rewards can be gained through quests given by your tradeskill masters in the capital cities of each realm. Players must have a minimum skill level of 500 and be a minimum of level 5. For now, players will be able to do the level 500 quests repeatedly until they have received all of the different types of tradeskill rewards. In future versions we will add additional quests at higher levels. These quests will require that players achieve level 10 and have higher tradeskill levels. We hope that you will enjoy the benefits from these rewards as you continue to advance your tradeskill ranks.

Hibernia Quests

– The quest “Piaras and Lhia” has been changed from level 50 to level 49.

Realm v. Realm

– Part of the regular courtyard guard contingent of the relic keeps have been associated with keeps throughout the frontier. When a keep is under enemy control, the guard associated with that keep will no longer be available to assist in relic defense.

– (Pendragon Only) Gatekeepers for the new inner doors are now available for use at all keeps using the new door layout. These gatekeepers function the same way as other gatekeepers.

Item Notes

– (Pendragon Only) The seals available for purchase in the main cities have been renamed. Additionally, the diamond seals are now sold 1 at a time.

– (Pendragon Only) Empo will now sell the Superior Accursed Avernal Flute (Albion).

– The Druidic Oaken Recurve Bow (Hibernia) will no longer claim it needs to be repaired after every shot.


Item Notes

– (Pendragon Only) The Belt of Enduring Wind (Midgard) and the Girdle of Earthen Grandeur (Midgard) will now have the correct condition, durability, and quality when handed out as a reward.

– (Pendragon Only) The Crystalline Mantid Eye will now grant empathy instead of Piety.

– (Pendragon Only) The following quest rewards have been set so they are no longer sellable to NPC merchants: Immaculate Ensanguined Chain Hauberk, Immaculate Ensanguined Chain Shirt, Immaculate Ensanguined Cloth Vest, Immaculate Ensanguined Leather Jerkin, Immaculate Ensanguined Studded Vest, Immaculate Ensanguined Studded Jerkin, Girdle of Earthen Grandeur, Belt of the Enduring Wind, Crystalline Mantid Eye, Petrified Mantid Eye, Archaic Airtein Hauberk, Archaic Carragh Hauberk, Archaic Airtein Vest, Archaic Carragh Vest, Archaic Airtein Jerkin, Archaic Carragh Robe, Archaic Airtein Robe, Jeweled Orc-Skin Bracelet, Gilded Orc-Skin Bracer, Venerable Faeldek Studded Vest, Robe of the Zephyr, Venerable Faeldek Leather Jerkin, Venerable Faeldek Battle Robe, Venerable Faeldek Chain Shirt, Venerable Faeldek Mail Hauberk, and Venerable Faeldek Breastplate.

– (Pendragon Only) The Gilded Orc-Skin Bracer has had its hit point bonus reduced slightly to bring it in line with the rewards in the other 2 realms.

– (Pendragon Only) The Jeweled Orc-Skin Bracelet has had its hit point bonus reduced slightly to bring it in line with the rewards in the other 2 realms.

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