Version 1.65A Patch Notes (Test)

Straight from the Camelot Herald, this patch contains three new free zones!


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.65a Test Release Notes

Thursday, August 21, 2003



– We have unlocked 3 additional bonus zones on the Shrouded Isles client. See the Shrouded Isles section for details.

– You should now see a pulsing “sprint” icon when sprinting.

– You should now be able to place instruments on the walls of your house.

– When you use the F7 key to find nearest object – it should select the coins first if a pile of multiple objects is dropped by a monster.

– Guild permissions, when set, should now propagate to all zones much more consistently.

– Monsters should no longer turn with your character after being stunned.

– There is now a gold amount line printed in the chat window after completed trades.

– Mythic Customer Service now has the ability to set a “Server Message of the Day” on each server. Test messages will be displayed on Pendragon during the patch.

– In the /realm screen, it now lists keeps that have been claimed by a guild.

– You can now type “/afk ” and it sets an autoresponse message when someone gives you a tell. “/afk” with no argument clears the message.


– +CON bonus from items now grants the necromancer’s pet additional health when summoned.

– +QUI bonus from items now grants the necromancer’s pet quicker attack speed.

– +DEX bonus from items now grants the necromancer’s pet quicker casting speed.


Item Notes

– Grand Summoner Govannon is now guaranteed to drop a magic item when he is killed.

– Belt of Etheric Mist (Albion) has received additional bonuses due to its level.

– The Glimmerstrike Shield’s (Hibernia) proc effect has been changed to a reactive proc effect.

– The Knifeman’s Dagger (Albion) is now salvageable.

– Elven Arrows (Albion) and Barbed Elven Arrows (Albion) will now have the appropriate arrow icon.

– The Wulfen-fur Trimmed Cloak (Midgard) has had its broken charge effect removed. Newly dropped cloaks will have a working charged effect.

– The “Flayed Skin” cloth armor (Albion) has been given the correct Albion cloth armor icons and skins.

– The Bardic Ring (Hibernia) should now have a ring icon in your inventory instead of looking like a gem.

– The Lustrous Summoner Staff (Albion) should now have a particle effect.

– The Sublime Summoner Staff (Hibernia) should now have a particle effect.

– The Radiant Summoner Staff (Midgard) should now have a particle effect.

– The Forgotten Lore Necklace (Albion) will now have a necklace icon.

– Icestrider Frostweavers will no longer drop a lower level bracer.

– The Solitary Gem Choker (Midgard) now has a more appropriate icon.

– The Pendulum Amulet (Albion) now has a more appropriate icon.

– You can no longer wear a brown adder stone (Albion) as a necklace.

– The Robes of Lethean (Albion) have been renamed to the Vest of Lethean, to be consistant with the appearnce of the item.


We are proud to introduce a new free zone expansion to our customers who have Shrouded Isles. Each realm has a new zone available for use by anyone who has Shrouded Isles installed. These zones are targeted for players who are level 35 or higher. The new zones can be reached by either swimming to them or by using one of the new flying creatures routes available from the nearest faction based creature tamer.

Albion: Inishail Island

Directly west of Gwyddneau is the foggy marshlands of Inishail Island. The island has a large presence of orcs who were fleeing from the constant attacks of the ogres, but who now unfortunately have instead come into contact with hostile lammias who came to the island to eradicate any undead presence on Inishail. These two factions are now battling for control of the island while avoiding the marshlands, where slimes and sinkholes abound and threaten to kill anyone who ventures into the swamp. Adventurers wishing to explore the island can swim from the shore or if they are liked by the lammia, they can visit Nimea in Clifton for a quicker way to the lammia encampment on Inishail Island.

Midgard: Modernagrav
The eastern rockwall of Faraheim has been destroyed by morvalt who are following rumors that the Mother can be found on the island east of the rocky barrier. They were saddened to find that the only thing on the island was a huge, half-buried, ancient skeleton with a large undead presence guarding the remains. Fearing the remains were the Mother, the morvalt have set up a camp to try and contact the spirit. The iarn dwarves have heard of the new island as well and have sent some explorers to the area to investigate. The friends of the iarn dwarves will be pleased to find that they can talk to Minerva in the new iarn dwarf settlement in Faraheim for an unusual trip to her brethren in Modernagrav.

Hibernia: Allta Fearann

For generations, a legend has spread through the ranks of the mantids telling of an untamed land. The mantids believe their legend is finally becoming reality. They have found a great island untouched by mortals which they have named Allta Fearann. Though a closely guarded secret by the mantids, it has been discovered that this new land is off the coast of World’s End. The mantids realize that they are not strong enough to complete their exploration of the land alone, and are allowing those who have shown their friendship a quick passage to Allta Fearann from their base in World’s End to help them tame these wild lands. Dalniver is the contact for those wishing to use this passage.

Albion Monsters

– Undead seedsman, haunted appletree seedlings and haunted appletrees can no longer be charmed.

Item Notes

– The Writhing Fang Greave (Midgard) will now display the correct DPS in the quickview window.

– The Spear of Victory (Hibernia) will now display the correct DPS in the quickview window.

– Gazsi’s Battle Hammer (Midgard) will now salvage for arcanium bars.

– Fiacha Qua (Hibernia) will now drop items with a higher bonus, as appropriate to the level of the items.

– The Avalon’s Watcher (Albion) is now salvageable.

– The Ixthiar Nature’s Aid Stone (Hibernia) can be recharged.

– Hurionthex’s Belt of Intellect (Hibernia) can be recharged.

– The named items dropped by Olen den Bartender (Midgard) should now have an appropriate Bonus % and DPS for their level. These items include: the Morvalt Bladed Ericril, the Pristine Frost Orm Jerkin and the Pristine Fire Orm Gloves.

– The Singing Beads (Hibernia) should now have a necklace icon in your inventory.

– The Disonant Falchion’s (Albion) instrument bonus has been replaced with a strength bonus.

– ROG drops from Dalicren will now be the appropriate level.


– The Balor’s Head wall trophy (Foundations – Hibernia) has been increased to a more appropriately impressive size.

– The Dye, Tincture and Enchantment Supplies vendor should now have the stable eroding catalyst and the reactive eroding catalyst.

– You can no longer use a porch demolition deed if you have a consignment merchant.


– Occasionally Priestess Linna’s personal guards at Nottmoor Faste were not spawning. This has been fixed.

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