Version 1.63B Patch Notes (Test)

Here are the notes, in their entirety, straight from the Camelot Herald:


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.63b Test Release Notes

Wednesday, June 18, 2003



With this patch, Dark Age of Camelot: Foundations (the housing expansion) goes into Open Beta. This means that anyone with an open Camelot account and characters on Pendragon can download the Foundations client and participate in the beta. Our goal is to take 1.63 (and thus Foundations) live on Tuesday June 24th.

For more information about Foundations, go to where you’ll find information about the expansion, including a user’s guide, screenshots, and other invaluable information.

Getting the Foundations Client

In order to install Foundations, you first must install the client. Here is a list of places where you can find the Foundations client:

– Download. It is approximately 55 megs. Go to for a list of download locations.

– From the CD included in the July issue of Computer Gaming World (SI Client Only).

– From the Dark Age of Camelot: Gold Edition (SI Client Only).

There are two different download options for Foundations: a Classic client version, and a Shrouded Isles version. Obviously, if you have Shrouded Isles, you must install the Foundations SI client, and vice versa.

Please note that the version of Foundations on the magazine CD and the Gold Edition CD will require about a 15mb patch when you first launch the game after installing. The magazine and Gold Edition CDs are for the SHROUDED ISLES CLIENT ONLY. If you have classic Camelot, you’ll have to download the Foundations Classic client.

Housing and Object Pricing

For the first few days of Foundations Open Beta, prices for all housing items, lots, and houses are set ludicrously low. Later this week we will announce prices for everything, wipe all houses on Pendragon, and then bring it back up with the correct prices enabled. We need to do the low-price version first to ensure that people purchase lots of different types of houses and items in order to fully test the system.

On Pendragon, lot auctions will start at 100 gp, and drop 10gp an hour. This is a test auction set up only and does not reflect final lot prices.

Reporting Foundations Bugs

Before submitting a Foundations bug you find in this Open Beta test, please familiarize yourself with , this is the site that provides you with a FAQ, descriptions of features, pictures of the houses available, and a manual to assist you in maximizing all the options available to you as a house owner.

All housing bug reports should be submitted to If you send in a bug appeal about a crash issue, please make sure to email us with your errorlog file and your dxdiag.txt file. Instructions can be found at on how to produce a DXDIAG file. Also make sure that you detail exactly where you were in the game when the crash occurred, and what you were doing at the time.

If you have a housing issue, please make sure you include any applicable details including screenshots, the lot number of your house, any /loc information you can provide, and what type of house you have. Anything else that can help us repeat your issue would be appreciated so we can confirm as many issues as possible and they can be fixed in a shorter period of time.


– In order to cut down on the size and number of graphical spell effects that are displayed (mostly in large-scale RvR battles), we’ve made it so that area-effect spells will now play a smaller version of the effect when they hit radius targets. Please note that the original “full” effect still plays on the primary target of the spell; the smaller effects are now shown on characters that are inside the spell’s effect radius.

– If a spell is resisted, the spell graphic effect will not play on the target creature/player. A white hand (the new spell resist graphic) will appear above the character’s head to indicate the resist.

– You will now stop following your target upon death (instead of your body rotating around to still face the target while dead).


Albion Quests

– Lady Nimue will now spawn in the following locations for the times listed below.

Avalon Marsh – NIGHT ONLY spawn.
Camp Forest – DAY ONLY spawn.
Snowdonia – DAY ONLY spawn.

Midgard Quests

– Thorgil’s Daughter – The tomte Rygnol has been moved back to the Executioner’s Room.

– Wisdom of Time: Gashir – The bug causing the Priestess of Gashir and her Elves to blink when players approach them has been fixed.

Dungeon – Darkness Falls:

Stealthers in Darkness Falls beware – All Naburite Drinkers, including those who see hidden, in Darkness Falls are now set to charmable.

Albion Dungeon Notes

– Keltoi Fogou: Beven is no longer charmable.

Item Notes

– The Prismatic Studded Gloves (Midgard) should now have the proper AF.

– The Ember Necklace (Midgard) should now be the proper level.

– The Elven Arrows and Barbed Elven Arrows (Albion) will now stack to 100.

– Skull-embossed Gauntlets (Albion) should now salvage.

– The Huntsman’s Jerkin (Midgard) can be dyed with the appropriate dye type.

– Deathrune Robes (Albion) can be dyed with the appropriate dye type.

– All store-bought focus staves should now salvage.

– The rust colored dyepot is now called “rust colored cloth dye.”

– The Brimstone Breastplate (Midgard) now has the proper magic bonus. Note that this change will not retroactively update for players who already possess this item. The change only affects future “drops” of this one-time drop item.

– The Mephit Wing (Hibernia) can now be equipped in the cloak slot.

– Robes of Regalia (Hibernia) can now be salvaged.

– The required level for the weapon rewards in Ancestral Secrets (Midgard), Lost Seeds (Hibernia), and Lost Stone of Arawn (Albion) has been lowered to level 48.

– Faded Sleeves (Albion) now look like studded armor instead of leather.


Midgard Quests

– Gem of the Dwarven King – Players may now only use Longbeard’s Necklace in the area where they locate the box containing the Gem of the Dwarven King. Players trying to use the necklace outside of that area will receive a message that they cannot use the necklace.

Midgard Dungeon Notes

– Trollheim: We have reenabled “Bring A Friend” inside this dungeon to pre-1.62 levels.

Item Notes

– Pendragon only – The proc on the Vine Covered Scythe (Hibernia) has been changed back to its original state, a dex/qui buff.

– Gneiss (Hibernia) should now drop 95% quality items. This will only apply to future drops after this patch. Any items from Gneiss before this patch will not retroactively update.

– The spell charge on the Ancient Spore Cluster’s Cloak (Hibernia) has been changed from an endurance regen.

– The spell charges on the Olcasgean Root Drum, Olcasgean Root Lute, and Olcasgean Root Flute (Hibernia) has been changed so as not to interfere with any of the bard’s music spells.

– The skelks in World’s End will no longer drop small amounts of copper. Itemized as an “animal” this mob should not be dropping cash at all.

– The Insidious Samn’s Eye (Hibernia) no longer has 2 separate cold resists listed.

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