Version 1.62J Patch Notes (Test)

Here are the full notes:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62j Release Notes


Today’s test update is comprised almost wholly of bug fixes to existing Pendragon problems that have been uncovered by our testing community.


– We fixed a Pendragon-only bug with bolts that was attenuating their damage, causing them to do far less damage than intended. This has been fixed, and now bolts should be doing the correct amount of damage – which is more than bolts currently do on live. This will have to be tested thoroughly by the Pendragon community.

– Animist turrets summoned on the corners of Hibernian keeps should now spawn at the correct height location. This fixes a Pendragon-only bug.

– Previously Necromancers pets could run into visibility problems when trying to cast spells against obviously visible targets. This was a Pendragon only bug and has been fixed.

– Previously, friendly Animist turrets sometimes tried to buff dead group mates. This fixes a live bug.

– We fixed a bug where you would lose your new guild the first time you zoned. This fixes a Pendragon-only bug.

– Rapid Shot damage should be properly adjusted based on time spent preparing the shot. Previously Archers could get into a state where all their arrow damage was at 100%, whether it was rapid fired or not. This fixes a Pendragon-only bug.

– Now, you can use the /level command anywhere near your trainer. This is a change to the initial implementation of /level where you had to be in a capitol city. This will make it easier for newly leveled characters to get to their 5th level class trainers.


We’ve implemented the newbie guild system to go on all live servers in 1.62. This is the same system that has been featured on the PvP servers for the last few months. Now, when you create a new character, you’ll be placed in a guild that is based on your new character’s starting location. This will give legitimately new players some community in their general starting area via guild chat and an easy way to meet up with like-level new players. If desired, you can leave the newbie guild at any time.

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