Version 1.62I Patch Notes (Test)

The Pendragon server has been updated to version 1.62I, which includes more bug fixes and single line respecs for all characters. Here they are in their entirety:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62i Release Notes


Today’s version is the last scheduled Pendragon update to 1.62. We’ll keep the version up on Pendragon until after the holiday weekend (Memorial Day here in the States) and keep an eye on it for additional needed bugs and tweaks. If everything goes well, and nothing new pops up, we’ll take 1.62 live on Wednesday the 28th.

1.62 started out development as a “Hibernia class update”, but obviously it has mushroomed to be much more than that. We’ve substantially updated/tweaked light tanks, pet classes, archers, and made many more changes to other classes such as the Animist, Spiritmaster, Valewalker, Eldritch and many more.


Because 1.62 has so many sweeping changes to so many classes, we are designating this a “class balance patch” and will be granting single line respecs to everyone in the game (level 5 and above) regardless of class or Realm. In the future, when we do a major “class balance patch” such as this one (and designate it as such), we’ll adhere to this new policy of giving out single line respecs.

Things to remember when using this type of “gift” single line respecs:

– YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN THE RESPEC IF if you already have 2 unused single respecs, or if your character has a full respec that you haven’t used.

– THE RESPEC WILL BE STRIPPED FROM YOUR CHARACTER if you do not use it before the next time you level. If you want to use the respec, use it immediately after logging in; otherwise you risk leveling and losing the respec.

All Assassin classes in 1.62 who had the See Hidden Realm Ability will have that ability stripped from their character and have the points invested in it returned to them, for use in specializing in any other Realm Abilities they wish (including re-investing in See Hidden if they so choose).


– We have removed the ability for Celts to become Nightshades, at least for the time being, while we assess the consequences of this change. We may re-implement Celt Nightshades in a future patch, but it won’t go live in 1.62. This was removed based on testing feedback that showed the Celt Nightshades may have a distinct advantage in RvR over Lurikeen and Elven Nightshades due to their inherently greater strength. It was not our intent to redefine the class based on a new race/class combo.


– Many spell icons were set incorrectly – we’ve scrubbed through all of them and made many fixes and adjustments.

– You can use now the “/level” command only in cities.

– Monsters should no longer target a necromancer in shade mode after the pet has been rooted.

– There was a bug when repairing an object directly from the trade window would display a timer bar with a “flashing” indicator bar. Now, repairing in the trade window should no longer give any repair timer bar – repair is instant, so no bar is needed.

– Specialization will now adjust the amount healed in heal over time spells.

– There was a bug on the PvP servers where some Bard pulsing songs would not take effect because of the immunity timer. This has been fixed.

– Alliances on the Co-Op server (Gaheris) will no longer be reset every time a new patch is launched.


Hibernia Quests

– Season of Remorse – Irksa, in Howth, has been asking for a brave soul to help rescue some noble empyreans.

Midgard Quests

– Dying wish and Burning Realm – Gudlor, in Huginfell, is seeking adventurers to help defend the realm.

Item Notes

– The Sword of the Fiery Heart (Midgard) now has stat increases.


Item Notes

– The Ring of Tangled Vines (Hibernia) now has a use timer and can be recharged.

– The following weapons from Tuscaran Glacier can now be dyed: Tuscarian Runewalkers Staff, Tuscarian Soul-tethering Staff, Tuscarian Nifl-tethered Staff, Tuscarian Soul-wrenchers Staff, Tuscarian Bonesplitters Staff, Tuscarian Bonewalkers Staff, and Tuscarian Shadow-tethered Staff.

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