Version 1.62G Patch Notes (Test)

Sanya has made the v1.62G test patch notes available on the Camelot Herald. Here’s a full rip from the site:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62g Release Notes

Wednesday, May 7, 2003


Today is a special 1.62 bonus patch – we had a few more items to clean up, including a fix to combat style snares, some Bard tweaks, and a few more Animist fixes, plus some more miscellaneous updates.

The next 1.62 patch will be after E3, probably some time during the week of the 19th, which will address any more bugs and tweaks that crop up from Pendragon testing of the 1.62 version – as well as possibly some more class tweaks on the level of the ones in this patch. We are currently assessing respecs and to whom they should go. We’ll post the final decision after E3.


– All archers should now correctly be converted to receive the new Penetrating Arrow/Rapid Fire abilities based on their spec. This corrects a Pendragon-only problem where some archers weren’t correctly awarded their new abilities.

– Pet targeted spells should now recognize whether the pet is out of range before the spell is cast.

– Fixed a bug where heal-over-time spells were not updating the target’s health properly.

– Fixed a bug where snares that fire off combat styles were using a lower value than intended.

– The Augmented Acuity RA now affects power pool and damage for Nightshade spell abilities.

– Bolts across the board have had their cast times reduced to 2.5 seconds.


Bard Changes

– Ameliorating Melodies now heals twice as much (its tick frequency was halved from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds).

– Rhythm of Hibernia, Rhyme of Earth, and Chant of Healing have all had their ranges increased to 2000.

– Added Dodger to the Bard RA list to give them the option of boosting their evasion chance while playing instruments.

– Bard Pulses on the PvP server should now work while their PvP immunity timer is up whether they’re targeting themselves or not.

Animist Changes

– Animist Turrets should no longer attempt to target things which are not in their line of sight.

– The LOS check for ground target turret summon spells should now be done before the spell is cast. This should prevent animists from losing power when they attempt to cast a turret in an area they can’t see.

– The “In Air” check on turret casts has been removed because all turrets should be created on the nearest point of ground. The “You can’t cast this spell in the air!” message will no longer be seen.

– The Ligneous Sheath line of turrets should now properly buff realm-mates within range of their melee buffer spell.

– The turrets summoned by the Vent of Elemental Resistance and Vent of Physical Resistance spell lines now must be killed normally. Previously, they would always die on the first instance of damage taken by an enemy.

Warden Changes

– Added Mastery of Blocking, Wild Healing, and Mastery of Healing to the Warden’s RA list.

– Increased the heal values on the Solar Conversion line, and increased the fatigue cost reduction on the Attack Unfading line. This is to give a reasonable reward for sacrificing martial skills for spec in Regrowth.

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