Version 1.62F Patch Notes (Test)

Sanya has made the v1.62F test patch notes available on the Camelot Herald. Here’s a full rip of what to expect:


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62f Release Notes

Monday, May 5, 2003



Because the E3 trade show is next week, we are going to wait until after the show to take 1.62 live. This will give extra time to test out the many class and ability changes that we’ve included in 1.62 so far. We’re winding up the fixes that are to be included in 1.62 – Team Lead and tester feedback shows that we’ve addressed the immediate class problems in Hibernia (and other Realms), as well as some general problems with Archers and Pet classes. Of course this doesn’t mean that we’re done with class balances and tweaks in future versions – we’ll address any class problems that still appear to be outstanding in 1.63.


– There was a bug where Savage combat styles that hit more than one target were hitting multiple targets even when the opening for that particular style was not performed correctly. Now, you’ll have to get the style off successfully (i.e. meet the opening criteria) in order to hit multiple targets.


As mentioned in the 1.62e test patch notes, we have modified how the See Hidden ability interacts with Archer classes. We’ve varied the range that an assassin can see a non camouflaged hidden archer anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the current range depending on the archer’s stealth spec vs the assassin’s level. On average this means that an assassin will have to be within about 1/2 the range that he can see the archer from compared to how the system works currently on the live servers.


General Changes

– Resist debuffs will now interrupt casters once again. Several versions ago, resist debuffs were temporarily changed to shouts and when that happened their interrupt checks were removed. Soon after that patch, resist debuffs were returned to a castable spell (i.e. were no longer shouts). However, they were still set incorrectly to non-interruptible. They have now been correctly returned to interruptible, as they are no longer shouts.

– Monsters should be rootable again. This is a Pendragon-only bug fix.

Cabalist Changes

– The new pet run-speed buffs will no longer break in combat, as originally intended (this should also effect the Whip of Encouragement RA). This is a Pendragon-only bug fix.

Runemaster Changes

– The Cold and Matter resist debuffs in the Runes of Destruction list (Vex of Cold line and Vex of Soil line) have been adjusted to require a higher spec to debuff the damage type of the baseline DD. The Vex of Cold line requires higher specialization level now, while Vex of Soil requires less. The new levels for all Runes of Destruction resist debuffs (Vex of Heat didn’t change) are:

22 Vex of Heat
33 Vex of Fire
45 Vex of Flames
27 Vex of Cold
36 Vex of Frost
48 Vex of Ice
25 Vex of Soil
34 Vex of Dirt
46 Vex of Earth


(Pendragon only note) The free gear handed out at /level 30 should now be the correct level. If you received free gear before this patch, it will still be the old level, which was higher than intended. The free weapons should also have the correct dps and speed listed now.


Albion Monsters: Caer Sidi: The Apocalypse encounter should no longer stall and be unable to restart after a failed attempt.

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