Venetica Preview

Xbox World 360 UK has cooked up a highly positive preview of Deck 13’s upcoming RPG/adventure crossbreed, Venetica.

When quizzed about the inspirations for Venetica, the game’s producer was quick to drop names such as Fable, Twilight Princess, Baldur’s Gate and, er. TV hit Alias. The first sums it up best. Judging by the features we saw this is just like Fable. That’s Fable, not Fable 2, mind.

Chin up, though – a new, better take on Fable is no bad thing. Venetica follows a fairly linear storyline, but there’s plenty of opportunity to alter Scarlett’s progression thanks to branching missions and skill trees which allow you to choose how she develops. Conversations can be directed down whatever route you wish thanks to a comprehensive list of options, and many of the tasks depend on what you say. A revolving day/night cycle is employed to further mix things up. At one point Scarlett is asked to find a certain type of weed. After some digging around it becomes apparent that this particular plant grows only in the moonlight, and so she must search the rooftops at night to find it.

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