Venetica Preview and Trailer

IGN has whipped up a Leipzig GC-based preview of Deck 13’s Venetica, in addition to a new trailer demonstrating character powers in the RPG/adventure hybrid. A snip from the article:

We got a look at several different areas of Venetica. First we saw an area down in sewers and caves. Here we saw the basic combat. You can simply button mash if you want, swinging away with whatever weapon you have equipped. This won’t always work since some enemies will learn to block these simple-minded attacks. You’ll want to mix things up a bit with dashes and rolls to get at the weak points. It’ll also help to level your character up to learn a few advanced skill or work out some combos with properly timed attacks. We got to watch all of this during a few fights with little crab-like creatures with glowing blue spines before a mini-boss fight with a larger one.

After winning the boss fight, Scarlet found a hammer. This weapon does more than just dish out pain, as we soon found out. Its extra mass allows you to smash through some walls to find secret areas. It also was integral in beating another boss we saw, this one a stone lion statue that came to life. A couple of swings had half of its face smashed off before a few more did it in.

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