Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Interview

Warcry has published an interview with Sigil Games’ Travis Williams, in which the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes senior producer talks candidly about the upcoming MMORPG. An excerpt:

Q: Travis has extensive experience building worlds with White Wolf (creators of the World of Darkness universe, among others). We were curious as to what extent his time with them influenced his theories on how games should be constructed, and if he wanted to create a universe in addition to a game.

A: I know White Wolf is the place where rule systems come to die. We were never big on rules. We were big on settings though. I am the same way. It’s not enough that you have a dungeon. That dungeon needs to have a sense of history. As a player I am always asking myself WHY. If the answer is not compelling then I will stop playing. So I guess the short answer is YES. I do. The Lore Team here at Sigil is very committed to making a very deep world.

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