Vanguard: Saga of Heroes E3 Impressions

HomeLan Fed has dished up some impressions of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, based upon what they saw of Sigil’s ambitious MMORPG at this year’s E3. A snippet, as usual:

The build of Vanguard shown at E3 represents 18 months of work by the Sigil team and it’s already got a lot of detail. Everything about the game already screams, “Big. Really, really big”. One example showed a typically sized human being dwarved by just the entryway for one of the game’s castles. The game’s artist, the famed fantasy illustrator Keith Parkinson, was not an active part of any game development when he came onboard as part of the Sigil team and when he sketched out his huge designs for locations, he was told at first that couldn’t be done in the game engine. However, the team decided to look outside the box a bit and make Parkinson’s designs work in the game.

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