Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines v11.2 Unofficial Patch Released

If you’re looking for an excuse to revisit Troika’s Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, you’ll be pleased to learn that the one and only Wesp5 has put together a new version of the game’s massive Unofficial Patch.

Here’s how it shakes things up:

v11.2 27.07.2022

  • +Changed Larry’s quest reward early access weapon into an Anaconda.
  • +Added Nosferatu net lines to clinic guard and fixed quest answer.
  • +Changed access to shortcuts through warrens and Hallowbrook Hotel.
  • +Swapped Mr. Ox’s quest rewards and added taxi to Leopold Society.
  • +Fixed talking to missing Gimble and restored gong sound to temple.
  • +Improved Dragon’s Breath particles and raised rifle damage a bit.
  • +Removed autofill of temple boxes and fixed several container lids.
  • +Restored Chinatown moon and added second trigger to Society talk.
  • +Updated free view weapons to the latest weapon stat modifications.
  • +Made Wong Ho always get up and Gary take the warrens key as well.
  • +Restored Beckett scenes at warehouse and Kiki in Ramen Shop event.
  • +Fixed Grout’s wife spin and reverted weapon change in Blood Hunt.
  • +Improved Yukie AI at temple and poster updates of Nosferatu haven.
  • +Moved taxi at Grout’s Mansion and fixed Nines’ camera view there.
  • +Added safe status to Skyeline Security PC to explain guard action.
  • +Removed XP for siding with Sabbat and changed Yukie portal sound.
  • +Restored Nadia’s sitting in chair and pointing to left animations.
  • Reverted a way to get Christopher’s secret without knowing names.
  • Fixed clipping tie and Flynn’s stick out ponytail, thanks Norrwin.
  • Corrected Wong Ho’s news not appearing if you didn’t talk to him.
  • Fixed Imalia and Mitnick camera and Blood Hunt vanishing vampires.
  • Reverted eye colours and comfort reaction changes in basic patch.
  • Hid dead scrubs blinking and fixed warehouse and downtown physics.
  • Fixed Ash being blind and deaf and erased Mr. Ox’s name from log.
  • Reverted Blood Boil and back impact to leave decal blood spatters.
  • Fixed Dane cop walkie-talkie animation and permanent metro sound.
  • Added fire damage to Hallowbrook barrels and fixed several others.
  • Fixed Last Round bar conversation and flying Venture Tower Chunk.
  • Repaired mirrored cardboard texture and timings of a few speakers.
  • Fixed remote exploding crates inside the Society of Leopold cave.
  • Corrected loading tips typo and minor text, dialogue and map bugs.
  • Fixed tutorial Humanity problem and Heather and chambers cameras.
  • Corrected security panel to not always show views from the museum.
  • Fixed SM clinic not solid railings and made vent easier to enter.
  • Improved warrens spiderchick trigger and showed Mercurio on beach.
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