Vampire Survivors Available on Mobile for Free – TGA Announcement

The Game Awards haven’t even officially started yet, but there’s already been some pretty exciting reveals. Chief among these if you’re into garlic is the news that Vampire Survivors is now properly available on mobile. Keeping with the low-key irreverent style of the game itself, the announcement opened with “Do you folks have phones?” — no doubt a callback to the infamous Diablo Immortal announcement.

Vampire Survivors has actually been available on mobile for quite a while now, but the mobile version wasn’t nearly as polished or even functional as the PC version. That’s changed now, however, and the current mobile version of Vampire Survivors is essentially a 1:1 port of what you can play on PC and XBox. Best of all, it’s totally free!

vampire survivors on phone screenshot
Vertically vampire survivin’

We’ve tested it out, and since the game only needs directional input, it’s pretty perfect on the phone — you even play with your screen held vertically! In a way, we almost feel bad writing this article, since Vampire Survivors is one of the most addictive games to come out recently. Being able to play it on your phone just means even more opportunities to neglect real-world tasks in favor of vampire surviving.

EIP takes no responsibility for any issues that may arise from you playing the heck out of Vampire Survivors on your phone.

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