Vampire: Bloodlines Q&A

Troika’s Leon Boyarsky stopped by IGN’s VN Boards to answer several questions about Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Here’s a full rip from the thread:

Here’s some questions Hollywood has gathered from the various boards which I shall now answer!!!!!!

1.Does bloodlines plan to have a toolset released with the game or will it be a download after the game is released?

We’re still working out the specifics of this. We do intend to release tools to the community so the game is moddable, but we really won’t have clear answers on the details until we get closer to release.

2.How many hours of total gameplay are expected in the game to this point?

We’re planning on around 60 hours at this point. Of course, this could change as development progresses.

3.Are there any future plans of expansion modules for this game to be coming out?

Currently we’re focused on development of the main game, and it’s too early to discuss future plans yet.

4.What time frame does the single story game take place in and over how many months/years does it take place?

The Main Story Arc takes place over the course of several nights.

5.Will players have a chance to take on the roll of some of the more evil clans such as the sabat or neutral groups such as catiffs?

Not in Bloodlines – but who knows what we’ll do in a sequel/expansion?

6.Will ghouls be introduced in this game or other supernatural races such as garou or the fae? if so will any be playable?

Ghouls are definitely in Bloodlines, as are thin bloods and garou. No fae, and none of these are playable “races”, sorry.

7.In the multiplayer game what powers will humans have avalible to fight the vampire races?

The humans’ Numina are: Holy Light (blinds undead), Shield of Faith(protection), and Divine Vision (sees through obfuscate). In addition, they get the cooler, more powerful weapons in MP.

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