Vampire: Bloodlines Preview

The folks at GameSpy have put up a preview of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, along with three screenshots. Here’s a sample from the preview:

The real beauty of Bloodlines lies in the way the missions were crafted. Like Deus Ex, problems rarely had a single solution. Together with the differences in how each clan operates, this combined for what appeared to be a very open game experience. For instance, in one mission, you had to slip past a guard to get into a building. A Ventrue might be able to bluff his way past with dialogue, a Nosferatu character may simply opt to use his obfuscate skill to slip secretly by in the shadows, and a Malkavian might go in with his shotgun blazing, cackling all the way. In another mission, you had to close down a restaurant. Characters could use all sorts of horror tactics, but among the most effective is the Animalism ability of the Gangrel clan, which would allow players to flood the place with rats.

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