UWO: Origin Combat

Jeremy Gaffney of Team Origin for the MMORPG of the same name, wrote some enlightening information about combat in UWO: Origin in the team comments section of the official page yesterday. He wrote thusly:

So, what makes combat fun? Well, there are a variety of different roles you can play in combat, depending on your skill tree choices. You can play a brutish tank of a fighter, standing in the front rank, absorbing damage, and dealing out close range blows. You can play a more precise fighter, hitting less often but able to penetrate enemy armor more efficiently. You can go for a flurry of attacks, dealing less damage through armor but making it almost impossible for a mage to get a spell off. You can play an unarmored fighter, doing distance kicks and whirls to fly in at your opponent and then duck out again before they can return the favor to your unarmored hide (you hope)! There are roles for maul-wielding warriors to try to unbalance or knock down their opponents, leaving them vulnerable for their lightly armored roguish companions to duck in, deal massive damage, and scurry away before the foe can retaliate. Combat is designed to be very interesting, both for solo play and especially in groups.

Read it all because it’s so obvious you want to; no use denying yourself the pleasure that is to come from clicking the link is there?

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