No Used Games On Next-Gen Xbox???

no used games on xbox 360

Typical. Today I was having an unusually good day, and something had to come along to spoil it. So there I was, eating dinner in front of the computer (like I usually do, and yes — I know this makes me sound like a loser). I was just reaching for my Diet Coke when I saw an article on Mashable that immediately caught my eye (you can read the article here). By the time I finished the article I was so angry that I forgot about my Coke, my dinner, and just about everything else. So what’s got me so steamed?

The rumor is that the next generation XBox won’t allow you to play used games. To make matters worse, you have to be connected to the internet to even play at all. Now before you go all ninja on me, I realize that this is only a rumor. I repeat — only a rumor. But the very idea that this concept is even being bandied about has ticked me off. Just another example of Corporate America trying to find ways to squash the little guy for the all-mighty buck. If this rumor becomes fact, it’s going to bring a whole lot of hurt to a truly enjoyable pastime.

  1. The reseller market will be nuked. After I shell out $60 bucks for a new game and win it, I either sell the game on eBay or Amazon. Sometimes I give the game to a friend. In the future, what am I going to do? Use the game as a coaster? That’s all it will be good for. Stores like GameStop will soon disappear and landfills will get jazzed with a ton of games with zero replay value. 
  2. What happens if I can’t connect to the internet? Man, I live out in the toolies and my internet service is terrible. If any of you have CenturyLink as your service provider you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m supposed to be getting a whopping 1.5 Mbps connection, but if I’m lucky to get connected at all, I’m just pulling dial-up internet speeds from 1994. Hello, CompuServe, I think my modem is broken! Anyway, I might as well forget about playing a next-gen Xbox anytime after 5:00 PM or on the weekends. Holidays too for that matter.

Seriously, would this bonehead idea of eliminating used games and requiring an internet connection bring any value whatsoever to the gaming experience? I can’t think of any. All it would do is line the pockets of the Fat Cats. I can hear the game publishers whining about how the extra money will be used to develop new game titles, etc. but I cry bogus. It’s nothing more than a pure cash grab and the loyal fans/customers/gamers are the ones who will suffer.

All right… take a deep breath… no one is suffering now. It’s just a nasty rumor and one that hopefully will never come to pass. If it does however, I won’t be purchasing a next-gen Xbox or any new game titles. Forget ’em! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. In fact, if Microsoft doesn’t watch it, I could see legions of gamers marching on Redmond, Washington to protest. Don’t tread on me, baby! Now where did I put my Diet Coke?

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Shane Scarbrough
Shane Scarbrough

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