Unofficial Arcanum Patch v080823 Released

Drog Black Tooth has released a new v080823 unofficial Arcanum patch, which contains another couple dozen fixes for Troika’s classic RPG. The list of changes since the previous version:

-Half Elves now can get their BE up to 21.
-Fixed the wrong position of the sleep UI.
-Fixed the wrong size of the save/load menu background.
-Water Elementals now use a correct soundbank.
-The White Scarf no longer acts like a helmet.
-Fixed a wrongly positioned ladder in Tarant Sewers.
-When you exit the blacksmith shop in Stillwater through a door it now correctly changes the ambient track.
-The quest to kill Prince Farad is now fixed. Prince Farad’s death changes the quest state. Fixed problems with King Praetor’s dialog, so it’s possible to a) give up the task when you already have the quest/tell the truth about the princess’ destiny, b) report the death of Prince Farad and actually complete the quest.
-Restored unused lines in King Praetor’s dialog when the PC gets 60+ reaction.
-The representatives in Caladon Castle are now properly leveled up.
-Fixed the art for townmap/worldmap menu.
-Fixed a wrong color in a palette for rabbit cages.
-Fixed basic proto issues with a Dwarf Villager, Elf Villager and Gnome Villager in Roseborough Inn: correct soundbanks and portraits now.
-Fixed a broken tile in train tracks outside of Tarant.
-Thorvald now leaves you if you don’t go to the Wheel Clan.
-Restored unused lines in Thorvald’s dialog, now you can ask him about locations.
-Fa’al Kin’s Gauntlets are no longer technological, so now characters with technophobia won’t get stuck in the maze.
-Murgo now leaves you if you take too long.
-Moved wait commands in Murgo’s dialog so they’re consistent with other followers’ dialogs. Also removed the heal option and some wrong conditions.
-Fixed wrong conditions in Magnus’ dialog. Now he won’t join you in all cases if you’ve negotiated with Schuylers.
-Fixed a problem in Magnus’ dialog when you were getting duplicated lines if you’ve negotiated with Schuylers and had Torian Kel in your party.
-It’s possible to have Magnus in your party if you’ve negotiated with Schuylers, AND also killed them. Now all rejoining lines make a check for this.
-Magnus can no longer make things for you when he’s waiting.
-It’s no longer possible to recycle Sebastian’s dialog and take the other one of his two quests.
-Fixed Wesley and Brinda’s dialogs. The lines related to the investigation for Mrs. Misk are no longer available if you don’t have the quest.
-Shocking Staff and Electrocution Grenade now have their original sound effects restored.
-Knock Out Gas Grenade and Mustard Gas Grenade no longer damage party members.
-Restored original sound effects for acid.
-Fixed several problems with Regenerative Jacket. Fixed the wrong description and the ground art, restored original sound effects.
-Myrth’s quest now gets botched if you kill him.
-Fixed 9 art pieces used in sewers wall type. No more blue pixels.
-Restored VO for Torian Kel’s lines when you find his ancestral sword (but only the first line is voiced).
-Added some missing conditions to Bane of Kree’s dialog.
-Removed the Potion of Paralysis schematic, since it’s redundant.
-Fixed several problems with 15 master mages’ dialogs (all but the water’s one). Now it’s impossible to accept a chance for a mastery with less than 5 spells learned (the mastery can be only granted with 5 spells learned). Fixed conditions for the line “I’ve improved my skills”, fixed a check for the line “I’ve enhanced my magick aura”. Fixed some other problems.
-Fixed Master Mage of Water’s dialog. Now it’s actually possible to accept his quest for the mastery.
-The flag for a mastery chance now doesn’t get reset after you complete the test, so now it’s impossible to accept the quest for another mastery (which is pointless).
-The lines related to the werewolf quest are no longer repeatable in Master Mage of Morph’s dialog.
-All weapons that have a mana bonus now reflect this in their descriptions.
-Descriptions for Mage’s Staff, Staff of Healing and Shaman’s Staff now list spells.

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