Unconfirmed: Fallout 3 Modified Release in Australia

GamerChip brings assurance from the store chains of EB and Game that Fallout 3 will see a modified release in Australia. While that is the most obvious course of action for Bethesda, we should point out this is not an official announcement from the company.

Fallout is an apt name for the upcoming game. The Australian media has been whipped into the closest thing to a frenzy we have here for the gaming industry over the ban on the upcoming Bethesda title Fallout 3. But according to EB and Game representatives, Australia will be receiving the game, albeit in a modified format. The new, friendlier version, will have the drug use removed that saw the game banned in the first place. Both EB and Game are currently taking pre-orders for the title. One representative from Game, contacted this Thursday night, (after hammering home the “do you want to pre-order?” spiel) said that he had read on their internal communications only an hour before that Fallout 3 would be released this year.

It looks as though both stores are holding fast. Let’s hope that this is a reality rather than their misplaced optimism.

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