Ultima X: Odyssey Preview

A more action-packed Ultima world is coming out in the form of Ultima X, a new MMORPG. RPGDot has posted their impressions.

You can take a look at their detailed impressions here. A mouthful:

The questing is where UXO intends to deviate from and improve upon other games in the market, and where they intend to appeal to a single player market in a multiplayer format. First, UXO is built around the virtues. For you to help the Avatar in his fight, you’ll need to accept and complete quests, and as you do that, you’ll make choices during the quest that will decide what virtue you decide to follow. This is where the much-vaunted Odyssey Adventure System comes in, and its aim is to serve three main purposes first, the dev team believes that quests should come to you, not the other way around. So rather than you knowing that to get a quest, you go to see this person in this city; as you’re adventuring through the world, the game will generate NPC’s that will find you and give you quests and it’ll be at your discretion whether or not you accept them.

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