Ultima X: Odyssey Interview

HomeLan Fed has conducted an interview with Rich Hall, producer of Origin’s upcoming MMORPG, Ultima X: Odyssey. A snippet to follow:

Q: What new graphical features are now in the game?

A: We don’t intend to make any further significant changes to the Unreal engine itself, so the visual quality is still essentially the same. Of course, we’ve continued to add detail to some of the maps as well as construct new ones, we’ve now got phoda and elf playable races in, there are a number of new spells and special abilities available, and we’ve got a couple of dozen new creatures in. As we move forward, I expect we’ll provide further refinement to the User Interface aesthetic, as well as adding more content along the lines of what was mentioned above. We’ll also be adding more flexibility with wearables and hueing. So while the engine itself hasn’t changed, the new content as well as refinements to existing content will certainly give players something new to look at.

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