Ultima X: Odyssey Interview

GameZone Online has conducted an interview with Origin’s Jonathan “Calandryll” Hanna, asking the lead designer a batch of questions about the upcoming Ultima X: Odyssey. An excerpt:

Q: What is the underlying story to this game? How many races will there be? How many skill classes? Will the game use the UO skill-leveling system or are you heading in a different direction for this title?

A: The story for UXO picks up right where Ultima IX left off. At the end of Ultima IX, we learn that the Avatar (the hero) and the Guardian (the villain) merged together at the climax of their final battle. UXO’s story begins with the Avatar and the Guardian struggling for control of the god-like being that they have become. The Avatar is losing this battle and creates the world of Alucinor, a place where adventurers can journey to and learn about the Virtues just as the Avatar did during his travels in Britannia. But, because Guardian also has great influence over Alucinor, he has created his own minions to thwart any would-be heroes. Through learning the Virtues and defeating the Guardian’s hordes, the characters can help the Avatar defeat the Guardian once and for all.

We decided to create our own unique hybrid system, which combines some of the best aspects of a class-based system with some of the open-endedness of a skill-based system. UXO has twelve classes, or Disciplines as they’re called in UXO, grouped into four Paths. For example, the Path of the Blade includes Fighters, Knights, and Barbarians. Players who choose the Path of the Blade can select abilities (skills) from any of these Disciplines. In most class-based games you have to choose either a Fighter (a primary class) or a Barbarian (a hybrid class). UXO’s character system allows you to either focus on one Discipline or create your own hybrid class.

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