Ultima Online Interview

GameZone Online has conducted an interview with Origin’s Anthony (Sunsword) Castoro about various aspects of Ultima Online. An excerpt:

Q: UO has definitely seen its share of expansions, all of which have added to the game experience. Is there anything in the works for another expansion? Will UO be undergoing any facelifts in terms of interface or graphics in the future?

A: As you probably know by now, yes, there is an expansion in the works. It focuses on a new unified PvP system, 2 new professions, as well as introduces a new aspect of the world with an Asian influence, complete with new land, weapons, and house customization options! Will UO undergo a facelift? Remaining visually competitive is critical to UO’s long-term success, however I also recognize that many of our fans still prefer the 2D style of graphics. If we do “upgrade” UO’s visuals, we’ll have to carefully balance our current players’ desires against those of our potential audience.

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