Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

EA’s Jeremy Dalberg has published a 127th “Five on Friday” Q&A feature to the official Ultima Online website. Bugs addressed in Publish 56:

The big stuff is still making its way to QA, but here are some more bugs that are looking pretty solidly fixed right now:

– Making the “weapon switch” macro work with spellbooks
– Fixing an issue where axing spinning wheels while they’re spinning can break them
– The ability to disarm a shield with the Disarm special move should go away
– Fixing some issues with the hiryu dismount move
You’ll be able to find a healer on Nu’Jelm!
– Fixing some issues with commanding your pet to attack or kill and the pet not responding consistently
– Fixed a bug where the Inquisitor’s Resolution sometimes spawns in an unreachable area
– A number of minor display bugs – tooltips not showing the correct information, that sort of thing

We’ve got more coming in all the time, plus the live event, prep work for Halloween (you didn’t think we’d forget about Halloween, did you?) and more! It’s gonna be a monster publish.

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