Tyranny Previews

We’ve put together another round-up of previews for Tyranny, Obsidian’s upcoming CRPG, from Gamescom. While we have rounded them up for the sake of complete coverage, they don’t seem to add much concrete info about the game we didn’t already know about.


Spells are created for your characters using Core Sigils, Expressions and Accents. The Gamescom demo had access to the core sigils of Fire, Lightning, Ice and Life. Every spell you make will first start with a core sigil and there are more to discover in the game. Think of them like schools of magic. After you pick your core, you have to pick how it is expressed.

Each spell symbol changes depending on what expressions and accents you use which I found to be a lovely addition that probably could have been skipped in design but I am glad that it wasn’t. It’s a little addition to the system that makes it feel thought out. Anyway after your core sigil you choose how it is expressed. Once again for the demo options were limited, you could create a touch spell, a bolt or a cone. Naturally in the game there will be others to play with. Finally you can add an accent, increasing aspects of the spell like range, damage or duration.

After you’ve put the spell together you will have a generated name for it, but every spell can be renamed if you want. The spell will also have a lore cost. Characters can only have so many spells on them and cannot use spells whose lore cost exceeds their own lore ability. I can already see myself having fun building some of my party up into lore wielding magic blasting monsters.


Spell creation is a fairly simple process that adds a sense of personalization in battle. By choosing the shape of my spell — a bolt, for example, or an area-based cone —I was dictating how I wanted to play. Do I want to hang back and shoot off well-timed bolts? Probably not. I’m a little too sloppy for that; the more area I can hit, the better. Each enemy has different sets of resistance, which makes tailoring your spells to your party and play style important to success.


As you are classless, you can change your style throughout and your skills will raise depending on which skills you focus upon. Throughout your journey you will encounter other NPC’s that, depending on your choices, can join your party but other actions and decisions can have an impact on your party and the quests you’ll have available. You may not always have a healer, warrior or rogue in your party and you will have to adapt.

Combat is tactical with the option to pause before engaging to plan out your strategy. The enemies I fought had a number of weaknesses and strengths, these vary from weakness to fire to protection against lightning, furthermore abilities can be backed by combining your abilities with a teammate to create a power combo attack. You have adapt and manage your spells effectively, this can be used extensively with the ability to craft your own spells.

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