Tyranny Patch v1.0.2 Released

A new patch has been released for Tyranny, Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive’s latest CRPG, whose main selling point is that of being set in a world where the evil Overlord won with the protagonist as one of their minions. I’m going to quote the spoilerfree changelog, but keep in mind there are several more changes (a plethora of quest fixes for starters) in the patch, which you can find at the link:

Text Fixes:

  • Numerous typos addressed.
  • Multiple localization improvements.
  • Ulantis text finalized.

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Multiple crashes reported by the community should no longer occur.
  • Multiple instances of loot containers that previously did not appear lootable now do.
  • Numerous minor fixes to enemy presentation in specific scenes.
  • Player can now use skills to release Disfavored in Rust Canyons.
  • Liberating Plainsgate from the Chorus now requires killing all members of that faction present.

Audio Fixes:

  • Numerous new audio cues added throughout game.
  • Correct music will now play after defeating a specific enemy.

Interface Fixes:

  • Saves should always be visible in save menu.
  • Added portraits to the store menu of several vendors.
  • Halfgate will no longer be referred to as Plainsgate in the Reputation Menu.

Programming Updates:

  • Reduced significant animation memory overhead.
  • Improved asynchronous loading of files at startup.

Art Book Update:

  • A typo has been fixed in an art book heading.
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