Tyranny Director Talks Spell Creation, Artifacts and Dungeons, Gameplay Footage

The folks at PCGamesN have penned a preview for Tyranny based on the game’s showing at Gamescom, and they’ve also paired it with a video interview with game director Brian Heins and some gameplay footage. For the first time we’re offered a look at one element of the title that has been mentioned but never elaborated on since the announcement, spell creation, and at some of the dungeon crawling experience and its rewards.

First, I’m going to embed the video:

And then a quote from the article:

In the game’s spell creation menus, these are represented by a series of runes that are attached together. Further sigil runes can be added to modify the way in which spells deal damage, too: “You can actually create a magical fireball that leaves targets bleeding on the ground. [There are] a lot of different effects you can apply to customize and craft your own spells however you want,” says Heins.

In combat, these spells become visual feats as ice spikes erupt from the ground and waves of rippling energy tear across dungeons. It quickly becomes obvious that Tyranny is one of the best looking isometric games made since the classic RPG renaissance began. Your party consists of just four members this time, making it a little easier to appreciate each of their animations in the swirling melee.

Previews for the title are slowly starting to trickle out, so we should have a more comprehensive round-up in the near future.

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