Two Lionheart Reviews

A couple more reviews of Reflexive and Black Isle’s recently released Lionheart have hit the web. The first is over at GameAxis Online, where they’ve given the game a 7.3/10:

When battling, you are also able to target specific parts of your enemy’s body including the head, torso and legs. You can also sneak past enemies unnoticed, something which is quite exclusive to Lionheart. There is also a useful text window at the bottom right corner of the interface that displays the player’s combat statistics and dialogues from NPCs. On top of this, perks are given to you during specific stages of the game too. These perks will add certain positive qualities to your character to give it that extra flair.

The second is at GameBiz with a 68%:

For the hardcore RPG fan Lionheart would definitely appeal to you in some way, whether it be worthy of a purchase you must decide yourself, the topic they have based the game actually on is very interesting and gives a good story to the game but with a struggling combat system and small other faults Lionheart fails to reach the heights that Diablo or Baldur’s Gate soared to. With a good story to keep you interested, Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusade should hold up with most RPG fans but wouldn’t convert the RPG non-believers.

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