Two Flagship Studios Interviews

Yet two more interviews with Flagship Studios’ Bill Roper have surfaced on the ‘net. The first is at GameZone Online:

Q: Where do you see this industry heading in the future in terms of game styles, graphics, or just general growth?

Bill: Games, like all forms of entertainment, change constantly. The ones that hit it big spawn their sequels and clones, and while often playing it safe by sticking to familiar ground, new ideas are being introduced all of the time. Even amongst perennial genres we see a lot of innovation and evolution, and every now and then something that feels entirely new explodes onto the scene.

That being said, I think that games have come a long way towards being a completely common and acceptable form of entertainment. A few years ago you were a geek’ if you played a computer game. Now, people like actors Robin Williams and Ben Affleck, basketball star Yao Ming or 2001 World Series MVP Curt Schilling have talked openly and passionately about their addiction to playing games. The average age of gamers in increasing, and that supports the theory that the first generation that grew up playing video and computer games has kept that as a way they have fun.

I think that our industry will continue to see growth as moms and dads pass along a love for playing games to their children, just as many of us learned to love and enjoy music and books and movies from our parents.

And the second is at Game Club Central:

Q: Of the team members at Flagship, how many came from Blizzard? Any other talent we would recognize from elsewhere?

A: There are nine of us here and we all worked together at Blizzard North for many years. One of the great things about the core team we have put together is the fact that we know how to make a game together and that we are more like a family than a company. It’s a very tight-knit group of guys and it really helps the development process move along.

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