Trials of Atlantis Beta Contest

Mythic’s Sanya Thomas announced on the Camelot Herald that they will be holding a riddle contest each day for thirty days in order to provide a way for Dark Age of Camelot fans to get into the upcoming Trials of Atlantis beta. Check it out:

The contest is called “A Message From Atlantis.” Every day (Monday through Friday) you’ll find a new riddle located at Decipher the riddle, and then solve it. If you’re the first to submit the form with the correct answer, you’ll be put into the next wave of invited beta testers.

We’ll vary the time we post the riddle from week to week just to make sure our early birds (aka morning people) get a chance to be first, don’t worry 🙂 They vary in difficulty, but rest assured, all the answers relate to a person, place, or thing within Trials of Atlantis. This week’s puzzles all relate to the zone you’ve already seen in screenshots – the waters, islands, and sunken temples of Oceanus.

There will be thirty riddles in all. We wish you success!

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