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Tower of Time, Event Horizon’s story-driven dungeon crawling RPG with real-time combat inspired by the RTS genre has left Early Access and is now available on Steam for $24.99 or your regional equivalent. The game’s official description promises over 50 hours of gameplay, flexible character development, engaging story, and deep tactical combat. Here’s the complete feature list:

Tower of Time is an incredible adventure packed with over 50 hours of gameplay, hand-crafted levels, and a rich story told through animated cinematics. Taking classic RPG gameplay to the next level, Tower of Time features flexible character development, thousands of pieces of loot and equipment and the complex and tactical real-time combat system.

Engaging story of epic proportions
Immerse yourself in a world where technology meets magic with devastating consequences. Gather a group of diverse champions and lead them through the tower. Hundreds of lore books and scattered pieces of information slowly reveal the history of Artara as your party of adventurers approach their fate.

Deep tactical real-time combat with pause or slow-time
Take ultimate strategic control of each battle with the Arrow-Time combat system that slows the action down to a crawl or pauses it. Plan ahead and position your party where you need them for ultimate effect. Use Arrow-Time to react to new threats, deploy devastating new spells and attacks and counter enemy attacks. No two encounters are ever the same.

  • 7 Unique character classes, each with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Complex skill system with two exclusive enhancement trees and multitude of options.
  • Skill Gestures – draw some of the skills as you want.
  • Gravity manipulation – leap large distances to scatter your enemies or draw them in.
  • Rich equipment system.
  • 150 enemies with unique skills and tactics.
  • Over 50 Bosses wielding a diverse range of skills and spells.
  • Five difficulty levels, including Epic difficulty (not recommended for new players).
  • Multiple combat modes ensure that there’s plenty of variety and fresh challenges ahead.
  • Travel through hand-crafted levels that have been carefully designed to challenge you.
  • New character progression system.
  • Unique Party Alignment system.
  • Combat Challenges, designed to test your tactical and party-building skills.
  • Crafting, enchanting, legendary items.
  • Upgrade-able city.

And if you prefer to know exactly what you’re getting into when you purchase a game, a number of fairly positive reviews are already available online. Check them out:

KeenGamer 8.5/10:

Tower of Time is more than just a good RPG game. It invents some new game mechanics in the RPG-Adventure genre, displays immersive visuals and audio and has a cast of enjoyable characters and identities. While its story is too generic for my taste, most RPG-fans will love it all the more.

Most of all, Tower of Time is engaging, it begs to be played, to be experienced, first-hand. You won’t regret picking Tower of Time up April 12th, as by then this game will be finished and have loads of well-crafted, polished and inspiring gameplay components waiting to be played.

Hooked Gamers 7.8/10:

There’s a lots to like about Tower of Time; for me something I appreciated was the way Artara’s descent into destruction was described and seems almost inevitable, which reminded me fondly of The Banner Saga. And like The Banner Saga, I will be curious to see how Tower of Time develops over the course of its series; to see the ways that it might innovate further, but a part of me can’t help but hope Artara is another doomed world, like Aurelia from Endless Legend. Tower of Time isn’t a massively ground-breaking game, but is a solid addition to the RPG genre, consistent with itself and impressive for a first time development. So if you’re looking for a new RPG, don’t mind reading or point and click dungeon crawling, then Artara might just be for you.

Pixel Opinions 8/10:

I can’t begin to tell you how much customization is in this game. From selecting party members to the level up stat distribution, gear load outs, enchantment selections, moral choices in dialogue and the decisions on which environmental interactions to risk taking this is some of the most freedom I have ever seen in a game that is not of the contemporary open world design.

In the very best sense of the statement, Tower of Time is a game that requires a commitment to really dive into and explore all that it has to offer. It is a bit of a slower game but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad pacing, just that it wants you to become absorbed in it. It isn’t for everyone but those people who enjoy a rich, lengthly RPG that requires as much put into it as is gotten out of it, Tower of Time is a must play.

Indie Game Website 8/10:

Tower of Time rewards our efforts and determination after each new, stressful and increasingly difficult encounters with new bits of story, paths to explore, team members and loot. Many times I felt stuck at a particular point, secluded by a boss fight or one of many combat variations the game has to offer (swarm mode asks us to eliminate several mob-spawning portals to be able to win). After rethinking my combat approach, going back to town to upgrade some stats or items, and trying again I found myself victorious and ready to move on to the next challenge.

New chests, treasures and journals will make the effort worthwhile, awarding that much-needed motivation boost to carry on and pursue the story’s end which, by the way, is as original and interesting as the whole gameplay experience.

Big Boss Battle Scoreless:

Tower of Time is an incredibly intriguing game and a fun experience throughout, despite some wavering writing which might put a wrench in other games’ gears. We’ve put in over twenty-five hours ourselves, with the hope of continuing on to the end of the story as soon as we can.

It manages to fit into the old niches while having its own unique traits on proud display. Considering its price, sheer amount of content and gameplay that never quite gets old, we can’t fail to recommend it.

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