Torchlight E3 Previews

We haven’t yet rounded up any E3 previews of Runic Games’ single player and massively multiplayer action RPG, so it’s time to rectify that oversight.

The first is at GameSpot:

Accompanied by an AI-controlled dog (think Fable II), you explore the world, looking for the nefarious forces behind the corrupted floes of nether, which flows underneath the land. On the way, you’ll beat up beasties in a variety of randomly generated dungeons, so every dungeon visit will result in different monsters, different pathways, and different loot. Of course, you will also use a variety of spells and other abilities, and you can choose from both a shared skill tree as well as a class-specific skill tree. You will also earn other perks that might improve your pet’s combat skills, decrease merchant prices, and more.

The second is at IGN:

Your adventure will start in Torchlight, which will act as the hub city for your explorations. From there, you’ll move out to the various dungeons, crypts, castles and other areas that you’ll explore. Like Diablo, many of the attacks that you’ll face will come from hordes of creatures like slimes, skeletons and other beasts. You’ll also have to face off against mini-bosses as well as bosses for each dungeon. You’ll also need to be careful, as there will be a large number of potential traps that can be triggered as you explore each level. As you work your way through the story quests and finish the game, you’ll actually be able to continue playing the game by passing on items and abilities to descendant characters, who won’t have to be the exact same class as their ancestors.

The third is at Gamernode:

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Torchlight, though, is the modding tool. Seeing it in action, even someone like me whose extent of coding knowledge ended with HTML in the year 2000 could understand what everything does. It’s a very visual tool, similar to the one used in Fallout 3, but even simpler.

The fourth is at AggroGamer:

On top of the loot and the gold, you also gain experience and with experience comes new levels, increased stats and skill points you can spend to open up new skills or beef up the skills you already employ. The skills themselves are widely varied and are useful depending on the situation. I had an over-the head attack that hit only one monster at a time, useful for boss and elite creatures, but terrible when I was getting overrun with mobs. That’s when I tabbed to the area of effect attack and chopped down two to three enemies at once. My favorite, though, was a set of shadow armor that walked with me for a short time mowing down everything in my path.

The fifth is at RPGamer:

Along the way I met several mini-bosses marked as Champions. When they were defeated, I received fame; fame can be used to buy special perks which were not yet available in the demo. Once I explored all the various menus, it was time to take on the lich boss at the end of the third floor. I switched to using a single large attack, and was able to use tab to switch back and forth between it and my area attack to finally take down the boss and the minions he summoned from the balconies above.

And the sixth is at Ten Ton Hammer:

Another feature in Torchlight that is interesting is the constant presence of a pet. Players can get pets in the game to help them out on adventures. The pet will fight, carry gear for you, and even work in helping you get some of your journeys completed. The pet we saw with both classes was a wolf that carried some loot bags to give players extra space. No matter the class you choose to play, you will have a pet to help you out.

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