Torchlight E3 Previews

The weekend brings us a couple more E3 previews of Runic Games’ upcoming action RPG, Torchlight.

An excerpt from 1UP’s article:

Baldree is plain and unapologetic with Torchlight’s structure and premise: “If you know Diablo, then you know our game. It has the same ‘town hub with a dungeon’ structure to it.” And those dungeon interiors are randomly generated. It also features three playable classes (though, Baldree only demonstrates two: the melee-focused Destroyer and the spell-focused Alchemist). The item-system features socketable and set items, and you can enchant items as well. Baldree hands the mouse over to me, and guess what, I easily point-and-click my way through a nice chunk of dungeon as the melee-focused Destroyer.

There are quite a few little tweaks that Baldree and team have done to make Torchlight more playable than its inspiration, though. One thing that Baldree brought over from Fate is the pet; upon Torchlight’s beginning, you can select a pet (either a dog or a cat). Said pet doesn’t die nor does it get in your way — it actually gathers loot for you and can even run back to the town hub in order to sell trash items for you; hence your pet serves as a convenient way to stay in the action rather.

And a bit from

The release structure of the game is a bit odd. First, the single-player component will come out by the end of this year and then the multi-player component will come soon after. The developer I spoke to stressed that the multi-player will be free to play and the only things you’ll pay for will only affect your character’s general aesthetic and only their aesthetic.

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