Top 5 Zombie Nintendo DS Games

It isn’t a secret that zombie games are addictive. The’re a unique combination of quests, survival, and horror all incorporated into one development. Nintendo DS is a popular platform for games of this kind thanks to the two displays, the fact the navigation is easier and a player has more possibilities. Below is the list of 5 zombie games developed specifically for Nintendo DS and considered to be the best of them all.

Dementium: The Ward

The Dementium: The Ward was released in 2007 in the United States by Renegade Kid. The game is advanced, complicated and has a unique story. Basically, you take the role of William, a character waking up with Amnesia in a hospital. You encounter various monsters that have to be defeated. In the first part of the game, you have only a stick to use as a weapon. But as you progress you find other, more powerful weapons.

The game is dark and full of scary moments where you’ll have to think with your brain fully engaged. The plot is detailed and loaded with fun elements which is something we like and last but not least, this is a first person game so you use the second display to control the weapons, vision etc. Some of you may know this game as Silent Hill. Though that should have been its title but it was eventually changed.

Resident Evil Deadly Silence

As you would expect, a Resident Evil game must be on the list. This particular version was released in 2006 for Nintendo DS and it is developed in honor of the first game as a tenth anniversary edition. The basic gameplay stays the same but the game brought several improvements and modifications. First of all, now you can use the stylus pen to stab a zombie and to defeat it. There are all kinds of weapons and even more monsters.

One of the main advantages are the modes of the game. The first one is a classic mode which is basically a story mode. You’ll navigate the character through the game and defeat all the enemies and monsters. The second mode is rebirth mode where you have more puzzles to solve and harder gameplay. The last mode is multiplayer where you can use a LAN connection to play with up to 4 players at the same time.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ

Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ is a different type of zombie game that deserves your attention. In the game, you can control either Little Red Riding Hood who likes using guns and similar weapons to defeat the obstacles or Momotaro who uses ninja stars. The game is basically a rail shooting loaded with simple features, appealing design that you can play for hours. This game was released in 2008 while some later versions have been released in 2010.

Using the touch control of Nintendo DS you can control your character as precisely as you want. tapping the character will make him crouch while using the stylus pen allows you to aim and shoot. The character can be moved left or right as well. Though, there are only 7 spaces where you can place your character.

Dead ‘n’ Furious

Dead ‘n’ Furious is another rail shooter game that uses all the advantages of DS. Firstly, the gameplay is addictive. You are positioned on one screen and your mission will be to defeat all the zombies. You can use the pad to change the weapons and to get new ones. To restore the health and ammunition you will need to shoot the crates and cabinets that appear on the screen. One interesting difference is the fact you have to reload the weapon. You have to drag the clip to the weapon icon to reload.

The game is very simple, it’s easy to play and comes with basic graphics. However, thanks to the number of weapons, even more, zombies and the fast gameplay you will have a lot of possibilities and you will enjoy playing the Dead ‘n’ Furious. It also has one of the best names we were able to see in a recent period of time and it is stunning creation in the lack of a better word. This game isn’t difficult to find and it is common even today.

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!

Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys! Is a rare and less-known game that was reasonably advanced back in a day. The thing we liked the most is the presence of 3 different characters. Each one has its own set of skills and capabilities and each one is mandatory to play with. Yes in order to complete the game you have to play with all 3 characters and to choose each one at a specific period of time. There is no need to tell you that gameplay changes when you witch the character and you can get the most out of your console.

One of rare capabilities here is to use all the possible hardware elements of your Nintendo DS. You will use touchscreens, obviously but you will use a microphone as well. This made the game special and very advanced when it was released in 2008. It might be difficult to find a copy, but definitely worthy.


There is no other way to say that zombie games are the best and you can get them in a form of Nintendo DS ROMs. Add impressive DS platform and you can get the best gameplay of all times. For some of you finding a game of this type might be a complicated task and even impossible, but we believe we were able to assist you completely so you can know what to look for. Pick a game that is the best for you and have a great time. Of course, you will have to try all 5 of them first.

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