Top 5 Things I Want In Project Sonic 2017

I just wrote a post about Sonic Mania’s announcement, and along with it came news of a new Sonic game as well. It is being made for the NX, but is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. These are just the top 5 things I personally wish to see be added to the Project Sonic 2017 game.

1. Playable Characters Besides Sonic!

I would like to see characters besides Sonic be playable. I want to play as Amy, Tails, and Knuckles. Heck, throw me in some Shadow as well! I would also be fine with playing as a brand new character too. Eggman wouldn’t be bad to see playable in a big game either! If this game is a stealth sequel to Sonic Adventure 2, that will be even better. Many characters go overlooked by SEGA so often that even us as fans forget they exist.

2. A New Villain Besides Eggman And Shadow

This will be a pipe dream, though. I like Eggman as a villain, but introducing a new one to the cast would be great. I know my first two are adding more people to Project Sonic, or introducing new ones.  Maybe even introduce a brand new Mobian villain! Not a Sonic clone or anything like that. My dream villain would be someone who is fighting against Eggman and Shadow, and not teaming up with them.

3. RPG Elements

Not XP or anything, but just being able to level up or anything. I love me some RPG elements and so seeing it in a Sonic game would be great. My idea of RPG elements have always been just buying/selling items, upgrades to current equipment, etc. This will be another pipe dream as the above. Whatever SEGA does, I am sure we can trust them to make this game be amazing.

4. A HUB World

Being able to explore in a HUB world again would be amazing. It can be like Sonic Adventure all over again too. I’m just looking to have some fun exploring, collecting rings, and such. If it takes place in a city, it should be in New York or Boston. There is not much else for me to add besides saying it would be great as a city. If they do not go that route, the game will likely still be enjoyable.

5. Co-Op

This way we can be able to play with friends, family, etc. I’ll give SEGA bonus cookies if we can do it online as well. I’d probably play this with some friends I met online for sure. This would mean they’ll have other characters besides just Sonic then for sure. There’s all sorts of ways to do a co-op. We could go through the main story, do races, or see who collects the most rings.

These are just my thoughts on what we should see in Project Sonic 2017. What are some of your ideas and thoughts?

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Dustin F

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